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The UK and Ireland website is based on the well-documented work of Edgar Cayce,  who is often regarded as the most gifted Seer of our time and the father of modern holistic medicine. The work is based on his Readings which has and continues to help people across the globe spiritually, mentally and physically.  

The aim of this website is to provide information for anyone interested  in spiritual growth, Christian and ancient mysticism, a holistic approach to physical and mental health including attitudes and emotional wellbeing, the evolution of mankind, Atlantis, prayer, meditation and healing, dream interpretation and guidance, parenthood and training and guiding children, as well as humour. The essence of using this information will always be to put what you learn into practice for the benefit of self and others.

Recommended Reading about the life and work of Edgar Cayce

There is a River by Tom Sugrue
The Sleeping Prophet by Jess Stearn


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 "The Sleeping Prophet"